Robolizard Reviews & Testimonials

On a scale of 1 to 10, we give it a 10. The website is awesome, you said top of Google in 6 months, it’s only been a month and we’re already on the first page for almost all our keywords. Thank you very much for everything.

– Josh & Sean –

I am at the top of Google for my 3 keywords and I can’t thank Thomas enough for all that he has done for me. The cost of the site and the SEO he did has paid for itself 100 fold. As my business grows, I will be a customer indefinately.

– Douglas Zimmerman –
Worldwide Age Management Master and
Advanced Human Performance Specialist

I really feel like I have the best website for healing in Arizona. There were companies asking for twice as much and their sites weren’t nearly as good. Thank you Thomas and the robolizard team.

– Brandon Pride –

I’ve worked with Thomas for almost a year and he is one of the most honest and open people I have known. He is a proven genius at getting rankings in search engines and he works all day, every day from morning to night, this guy is a machine on the internet, I was very lucky to find him and have him doing our SEO work.

— Jon Moffitt, President, BLU Mortgage Inc

“In 2013, I needed results fast. Google’s algorithm change had a major effect on our inbound marketing strategy. When other local companies said it would take 2 months of project discovery before they could start producing results, I turned to Thomas Kane, founder of RoboLizard. His team was able to ramp up in less than 20 days. They under-promised, over-delivered, and stuck to my budget like ants in molasses. The short term project was for on-page articles to help AppointmentPlus test content marketing concepts. As of today, the articles they wrote still receive the most organic visitors. Thomas is a good guy to work with because he is clear in his thought process. However, as always with anybody make sure you have outlined goals and target objectives. For example, I want to look inside Google Analytics and see decreased Bounce Rates by X percent and increase Time-on-Site by Y seconds, on or before Z month.”

— Kendall E. Matthews, Marketing Director, Appointment Plus

“I used Robolizard to create my company’s website as well as my online marketing campaigns. Everything was completed in a very timely manner and with great attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier with the services Thomas provided!”

— Cassandra Barron

“I remember the first time I met Thomas. He walked into the interview with unparalleled energy and nailed it, smiling ear to ear the whole time. He is eager to learn, willing to listen, and above all delivers results. We managed tens of thousands of SMB SEM accounts, an overwhelming task for the small team we had. Even under this intense pressure Thomas would walk in with a new idea to test, a new approach for a problem, and always a smile. He made sure everyone on the team had a voice and had an opportunity to express themselves, often being the ear for them. I knew one day we would lose him, he had wings and needed to fly without corporate restrictions. If I know one thing about Thomas it’s that he will bring energy to anything he puts his mind to, and then accomplish it.”

— Casey Carpenter, SEM Manager