Google Adwords Ad Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks are extra ad extensions you can have underneath your ad in Google searches. There is a science to setting them up well.

  • Proper sitelinks can increase sales by over 20%
  • Sitelinks give your business more ‘real estate’ space in a search
  • Bigger ads inspire more trust & credibility with visitors
  • Sitelink clicks usually cost less than main heading ad clicks

what are sitelinks

Sitelink Extensions For E-Commerce

Your sitelinks should help the visitor by narrowing the search.  For example, a search for buying shoes should provide sub-categories for buying shoes

Possible sub-categories

  • Popular Men’s Shoes (link to the most popular shoes for men)
  • Popular Women’s Shoes (link to the most popular shoes for men)
  • Shoes On Sale (link to the shoes on sale)
  • Shoes For Kids (link to the most popular shoes for men)

sitelink statistics

Sitelink Extensions For Service Based Businesses

Sitelinks for small businesses offering a service are different. The nature of the buying decision process comes into play here. People want to know who they are looking at (About Us), they want to know how it works (How It Works), they want to see results (See Results), they want to know other people liked it (Read Reviews).

  • About Us
  • How It Works
  • See Results
  • Read Reviews

I have tested this and been to a Google conference in October of 2012 that verified this strategy for sitelinks.

Other optional sitelinks to try are…

  • Contact
  • Get a Quote

[message type=”success”]Google will only show 4 sitelinks at a time, but due to the enhanced campaigns that came out in March, 2013, you can now view individual sitelink statistics, so it is possible to test out a bunch of sitelinks and choose the winning combination, which I suggest you do.[/message]

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