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We do keyword research to find out which keywords are going to drive the most traffic to your site, but here is the kicker; it’s not just about finding keywords that bring traffic, it’s about finding keywords that bring BUYING traffic. Which means we target the people who are mostly at the end of their buying decision. The conversion rate or return on this type of ranking is higher.

Google Rank Using “Buying Decision” Keywords

Sales come faster, conversion (CPA) rates are higher and sales people close more leads. You pay less for a higher return. It’s called intelligent SEO when we target the buying decision keywords. Doesn’t everyone do this? Nope. It takes a sales minded person who is also well educated in SEO to become an artist at this.

Positive results are usually noticed in the first two weeks after setup is complete. We get the job done! No contracts! If we are not doing a good job, you don’t have to keep using us. See an example keyword report.

Need Some Google Rank Domination? Call us!

We use high quality blogs, forums, press releases; indexing, bookmarking and social media sites for backlinking. It’s all done by our own staff, not outsourced; and the backlink articles are written by skilled persuasive selling writers trained in SEO. Our writer is a linguistics major who speaks Korean & English, studies law and is trained in persuasive selling & SEO writing.

What Can You Expect With Authority Link Building?

We do a unique form of link building that is more advanced than the normal ranking companies. Our link building is actually called Industry Authority Building. Through artful, intelligent content writing, we turn your company into an Industry Authority; which gets interest, educates & inspires people to believe in your service, product or offering.

Out with the old crappy link building strategies & in with the new! Build your company into an Industry Authority! Come visit us and find out how!