Article Spinning

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How Does Article Spinning Work?

I was recently asked by a writer if she should use an article spinner because a customer of hers wanted her to use The Best Spinner.

What Is Article Spinning?

It’s writing a article of content or text that is about 200-500 words long and using code around certain sentences or phrases that automically switches it all up so that when you click ‘Spin My Article’ button, you now have 20 articles that look similar but use different words.

Why Use Article Spinning?

It tricks Google into believe that many sources have talked about your article and wrote about it in their own words. In short, it’s an attempt to trick Google into believing you are more popular than you are.  Because if you were to submit the same article to 1,000 different places, it is quickly identified as spam.  Spinning reduces the risk the article will be considered spam.

Spinning no longer works. March, 2013.

Spinning is not a solution anymore, Google has figured it out. You will not be able to spin that article well enough, no matter how hard you try, don’t do it.  You are doing a disservice to yourself and your clients.

I used to use this back before May of 2012, it worked really well if you spun things at 50%, which takes while to figure out so many variations.

I used to use it in conjunction with SEnuke, worked like a dream. Totally bombed right after the Panda update. I am one of the best article spinners I have ever seen and still articles from my skill were not spun well enough.

I was creating 1,000 accounts at various forums/social media places at once and spun that content so well that it was always perfect to read aloud.

The trick these days is a great deal of inconsistency.

I have not used since the Panda update. I can see it being a good base for ideas on multiple articles that are then re-written manually, but not for mass producing.

[message type=”success”]Not if you want to create real, long lasting & legitimate results that won’t get found out and busted one day. WRITE ORIGINAL CONTENT THAT EDUCATES PEOPLE.[/message]

I would not use spinning systems anymore, I have been doing SEO writing long enough it’s easier and more worth while in the long run to hand write the articles.

Domain Name Extensions

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International Country Specific Domain Name Analysis

Does the country specific domain name extension matter to people in parts of the world outside of the USA? The answer in every case is a resounding yes.

Why Does the Domain Extension Matter?

The .com domain extension was the first to come out and in the USA, so many domains were registered for .com’s in the USA that when the internet got big in the rest of the world; big businesses in places like Germany and the European nations had to register their businesses under their own country domain extensions.

  • Specific country domain extensions can increase sales by over 100%
  • People in those countries trust their own extension more than a .com extension

How To Implement Sitelink Extensions

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Google Adwords Ad Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks are extra ad extensions you can have underneath your ad in Google searches. There is a science to setting them up well.

  • Proper sitelinks can increase sales by over 20%
  • Sitelinks give your business more ‘real estate’ space in a search
  • Bigger ads inspire more trust & credibility with visitors
  • Sitelink clicks usually cost less than main heading ad clicks

what are sitelinks

Sitelink Extensions For E-Commerce

Your sitelinks should help the visitor by narrowing the search.  For example, a search for buying shoes should provide sub-categories for buying shoes

Possible sub-categories

  • Popular Men’s Shoes (link to the most popular shoes for men)
  • Popular Women’s Shoes (link to the most popular shoes for men)
  • Shoes On Sale (link to the shoes on sale)
  • Shoes For Kids (link to the most popular shoes for men)

sitelink statistics

Sitelink Extensions For Service Based Businesses

Sitelinks for small businesses offering a service are different. The nature of the buying decision process comes into play here. People want to know who they are looking at (About Us), they want to know how it works (How It Works), they want to see results (See Results), they want to know other people liked it (Read Reviews).

  • About Us
  • How It Works
  • See Results
  • Read Reviews

I have tested this and been to a Google conference in October of 2012 that verified this strategy for sitelinks.

Other optional sitelinks to try are…

  • Contact
  • Get a Quote

[message type=”success”]Google will only show 4 sitelinks at a time, but due to the enhanced campaigns that came out in March, 2013, you can now view individual sitelink statistics, so it is possible to test out a bunch of sitelinks and choose the winning combination, which I suggest you do.[/message]

Want to be a rock star for setting up Google adwords campaigns? Robolizard is the best advertising company in Arizona for PPC. Call us!

What Google Considers Spam

What Does Google Consider to Be Content Spam?

Probably the most important one is one that you will find everywhere on the net, it is comprised of most of the so called ‘SEO writers’ who write blogs and pages supposedly designed to ‘get rankings’, it has zero or very little actual information or education value to the reader.

How To Tell If You Are Writing Spam

Thin content with little or no added value

Site appears to consist of low-quality or shallow pages which do not provide users with much added value (such as thin affiliate pages, doorway pages, cookie-cutter sites, automatically generated content, or copied content).

Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects

Site appears to be cloaking (displaying different content to human users than is shown to search engines) or redirecting users to a different page than Google saw.

Hacked site

Some pages on this site may have been hacked by a third party to display spammy content or links. Website owners should take immediate action to clean their sites and fix any security vulnerabilities.

Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing

Some of the pages may contain hidden text and/or keyword stuffing.

Parked domains

Parked domains are placeholder sites with little unique content, so Google doesn’t typically include them in search results.

Unnatural links from a site

Google detected a pattern of unnatural, artificial, deceptive or manipulative outbound links on this site. This may be the result of selling links that pass PageRank or participating in link schemes.

Unnatural links to a site

Google has detected a pattern of unnatural artificial, deceptive or manipulative links pointing to the site. These may be the result of buying links that pass PageRank or participating in link schemes.

User-generated spam

Site appears to contain spammy user-generated content. The problematic content may appear on forum pages, guestbook pages, or user profiles.

Pure spam

Site appears to use aggressive spam techniques such as automatically generated gibberish, cloaking, scraping content from other websites, and/or repeated or egregious violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Spammy free hosts and dynamic DNS providers

Site is hosted by a free hosting service or dynamic DNS provider that has a significant fraction of spammy content.

Read more here.

Getting More Sales From Mobile Sites

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Mobile Site Conversion Rate Strategy

This is a great list for getting a higher conversion rate & more sales from your mobile e-commerce online store. Follow these steps and the sales should at least double.

Mobile Site Design For Conversions

  • Build brand value through lifestyle identification.
  • Use imagery that identifies with the lifestyle
  • Example: If you sell purses, have a faded background image of a gorgeous girl wearing a purse
  • BUY NOW button – If you do not have one, you’re an idiot

[message type=”success”]It’s not enough these days to just be a provider of goods, you MUST start selling the ‘lifestyle’. The buying process needs to turn into a ‘lifestyle’ decision & sale, not a ‘because I need it’ sale.[/message]

Mobile Site Navigation For Sales

The Search Box

    • People using their phones are using it for research purposes & direct buys
    • Make it clear what people should be typing & entering into the search box
    • Example: Search by product name or ailment

[message type=”success”]People are their phones because they are in a hurry, looking for a solution or need to research & review or get a second opinion before they buy something.[/message]

Mobile Site Buttons

  • Most Popular Items
  • #1 Popular Category
  • #2 Popular Category
  • #3 Popular Category
  • #4 Popular Category
  • #5 Popular Category
  • Special Offers

Bottom Pages

  • About | Order Status | Shipping Info | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Service | Contact
  • Social Icons

Trust & Credibility Factor

Main Landing Page

  • Over XXXX orders since XXXX years
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping Available

Trust Symbols

Inside Pages

    • Number of units ever sold
    • Short descriptions of the products
    • Reviews/Testimonials


I’d like to thank Jerry Nordstrom for helping me develope this list.

2013 Online Buying Decision Process

2013 Online Buying Decision Process

Hear About It

        • Radio
        • TV
        • Newspaper
        • Newsletter
        • Mail
        • Researching Related Things

Learn About It

        • What is it
        • What does it do
        • What are the common questions, side effects & myths
        • Thinks they should try it

Read Reviews

        • If other people did it
        • If other people said it was good

Buy It

        • Then I’m trying it


Staying with people in this buying decision process throughout these few steps will keep you an industry leader in your field and maximize the amount of sales possible from online advertising.

Biggest Fear – Reviews

Why you should have reviews on the site

      • The Main Reason: If people are going to complain, they are going to complain at the most convenient opportunity. On-site reviews gives these customers an outlet for complaining that you can control. Not having reviews on the site, forces disgruntled customers to seek 3rd party review sites in order to vent, which you usually cannot control.
      • It’s Good For SEO: On-site reviews allows the customers to actually work for you! The reviews act as original content, which helps the page be more original and keyword rich for Google search results.
      • It Builds Trust: Seeing that other people liked it or used it supports the buying decision
      • End of The Buying Decision: By the time people get to reviews, they have already decided they want something, they’re just looking for a second opinion now.

Like astrology, since people only want to see what they are think themselves… people are only going to focus on the positive reviews that match the decision they have already made. 2 bad reviews out of 5 aren’t going to hurt.

Best SEO Newsletters

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The Best SEO Newsletters Online

The world of SEO is changing fast is changing often, which means knowing the right or best thing to do is tricky if you don’t keep up to date. What someone else knew 6 months ago is probably 50% less effective than what you know right now, if you stay on top of the SEO news.


Below are the best online SEO newsletters that exist. Read them, follow them, be a leader in the industry by reading and following them every morning. – Best Advertising E-Commerce Newsletter – This guy is a genius – excellent newsletter – this is outstanding – awesome news, very up to date – a must – surprisingly good – one of the nations best bloggers Ian Laurie, I love this guy – sometimes outdated on information and they inject humor into their posts which isn’t funny, worthwhile sometimes.

Subscribe to all of these, make a folder in your email called SEO/PPC Newsletters, filter all these to go straight into it and read through it every morning for new information, reading every article you see.

Average Lifetime Value Of A Customer

Determine The Average Lifetime Value Of A Customer

Determining the average lifetime value of your customer is vital to your success as a business. This number tells you exactly how much you can spend in advertising and marketing to aquire each new customer.

What can be measured, can be improved.”

  • What is the average sale?
  • What is the gross profit margin for a new order?
  • What is the average number of orders per customer?
  • What is the average discount given to new customers (i.e. of the percent of people who bought something, what percentage are using a discount code and what is the average discount percent across all customers)?
  • What is the average discount we give to current customers?
  • What is the retention rate?

Average Lifetime Customer Value Tool

[message type=”success”]There is an outstanding tool from harvard university that can help you determine this number: Average Lifetime Customer Value Tool[/message]

Companion Search Marketing

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Companion Search Marketing & Statistics

What is companion search marketing? It’s a new way of advertising display ads that get results similar to remarketing.

1. Visitor searches for  ‘widgets’ in Google

2. Your display ads are shown on any site with adsense that appears in the search results following that search

3. That’s it 🙂

How Companion Search Marketing Works

1. Create an ordinary display advertising campaign

2. Enter ‘review’ type keywords around or service or product & upload display ads

3. Save it & call your Google rep to have the campaign switched over


Results From A Live Account

Robolizard Baseball Game Event

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Robolizard at Salt Rivier Fields Baseball Game

robolizard event

We were able to get a booth at the Salt River Fields Baseball Stadium in Scottsdale along with the Arizona Small Business Professionals Assosiation on Thursday, Nov. 9th.

The rain scared away a lot of people but we were able to almost empty our candy bowl to passing people, so that was fun 🙂


Boys & Girls Club of Scottsdale, AZ

We were able to donate 15 tickets to the Boys & Girls Club of Arizona so that 15 kids could come and watch the game.