How To Get Ranked On Google

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Ranking on Google

Google is the unchallenged champion of search engines. Google has become such a part of our everyday lives that when we look something up online we “Google it.” In fact, most of you probably stumbled upon this article through Google. With such a large pull over the online market, Google is the premier platform for businesses to showcase their services or products. The business that can make it to the top of the Google search list is given a vast advantage over other companies.

Organic Method

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to designing your webpage and online information in a format that will receive high ranking on Google’s organic search list. The organic search list is pages that have been ranked by Google and received a place on its search list.

Google ranks these pages by:

  • Quality – Not only of the article, but of the hosting website.
  • Relevance – Google uses keywords to obtain results. Pages that are not relevant to the given keywords receive a lower ranking.
  • Amount of Keywords – Spreading keywords throughout the titles, headers, and body of the Page will increase your ranking.
  • Uniqueness – A page that presents new information or older information in a newer format will receive higher ranking.
  • Number of Visits – Just link sharing with random sites will not do. You must promote your business through banner ads, and proper link building.

The organic method is preferred because it attracts the most customers. An organic article is not a straight forward sales pitch, but instead relevant information with a short call to action. Providing relative information helps to draw in more customers than a straight forward sales pitch.

Paid Advertising

Getting to the top SEO rank is the best way, but not the only way to make your business prominent on Google.  SEM (search engine marketing) is another way to reach Google prominence.

Paid advertising refers to the small ads that appear on Google when you search a keyword. Just like the organic search links the top paid search links will receive the majority of hits. You improve your ipaid search position by making bids for keywords – search phrases that relate to your company or products.

Inorganic search ads are PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements. This means that every time someone clicks your ad you pay a small fee to Google. Your bid will be how much more you are willing to pay for each click versus your competition.

Unfortunately, simply paying more is not enough to achieve the top ranking. Google applies similar standards to SEM as it does to SEO. If the information is not relevant or the site is badly designed they will not take your bid into account. However, the standards for SEM are much lower than those for SEO.

Organic Or Pay Per Click

Using search engine optimization to achieve a good position in the organic search results will deliver long lasting results and free traffic to your site but also requires much more work and takes much longer. Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your site immediately while you work to improve your organic positioning.

Ranking high in both organic results as well as paid listings delivers the most traffic and highest conversion rate.

Whichever method you choose, getting ranked on Google is not an easy process. RoboLizard has proven success using SEO and SEM methods to increase rankings on Google. Contact us today for more information.


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How Does Internet Marketing Work

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Internet Marketing Is Normal Marketing

Marketing is simply a way of getting your message across to a large amount of people. The more people receive your message, the higher your chances of making a sale. Internet marketing works much the same way, using the resources of the internet to spread your message to the most people possible. Internet marketing sets out to accomplish three goals – creating traffic, creating leads, then converting the traffic and leads into sales.  These are known as the Three C’s of Marketing.

Creating Traffic

Internet marketing creates traffic through a large variety of online mediums.

  • Banner Ads – Placed on websites that potential clients will frequent. For example, an ad for bell bottoms on a disco fan page.
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc. Pages geared towards your potential clients.
  • Online Videos – Just like commercials in the normal market, if online videos are popular more people will visit your site.
  • Search Engine Rankings – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to increase your ranking on sites like Google. The top ranked site gets most of the hits, the second gets about half as many as the first, the third gets half as many as the second, and so on.
  • Google AdWords – Small ads that appear next to the organic search results on Google.

Creating Leads

Leads are potential sales. When a client clicks a link or an ad they become traffic. Creating leads is the process of getting this traffic interested in buying your product.

  • Google Virtual Tours – Pictures of your business are posted online allowing customers to experience a virtual walkthrough.
  • Website/Social Media Design – Boring design will cost you leads. People trust web content that looks professional if your website or social media appears amateurish customers will not believe in the professionalism of your business.
  • SEO Articles – Not only do SEO articles create traffic, they are also a great source of leads. Organic SEO articles provide good information to potential clients with a short sales pitch at the bottom.  People click on these links for the information then continue to your site to learn more.
  • Banner Design – Banners must be designed in a way that draws the user’s attention, and make the potential customer curious about the product.

Converting Traffic & Leads Into Sales

When it comes to traffic much of it will be direct sales, people who Google your product in order to purchase it. Increasing your SEO ranking can help increase these sales by making your site the first search result. Other traffic must be turned into leads through the methods above.

Now the last step is turning those leads into sales.

  • Email Lists – By creating a newsletter that people can easily subscribe to, you increase the chances of turning leads into sales.
  • Landing Pages – Landing pages are sets of up to three pages specifically designed to converting leads into sales. When clients click on a more detailed ad such as an SEO article there is a link for more information this link will take them to the landing page.
  • Product Pages – When customers are already interested, a well designed product page can make the sale. They should have more specific information than the advertisements, and provide sale pitches.
  • FAQ Pages – Having an online resource to quickly answer questions will make leads more likely to buy products.
  • Live Chat – Just like you wouldn’t leave walk-in clients waiting you cannot leave online clients waiting. Having a live chat allows them instant access to a sales rep that can close the deal.

Trying To Do It Yourself?

Effective internet marketing requires skills that many people do not have-programming skills, design skills, writing skills, marketing skills, and a variety of others. When trying to do it themselves many businesses find that they have to hire a large, dedicated staff in order to complete the work.

Trying to do internet marketing internally can be quite costly especially to smaller businesses. Bias towards your product will also make the marketing less effective. Several companies, including multinational corporations, outsource their internet marketing, saving them money in the long run.

RoboLizard is a dedicated company with a proven success rate at turning leads into sales. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.

Does Internet Marketing Work

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Can Internet Marketing Bring In Customers?

Marketing in the real world has proven beneficial for businesses, but can internet marketing have the same benefits? When spending money on any type of marketing you have to be sure of one thing and one thing only – does it bring in more customers?  The more costumers you have, the more potential you have for sales. This is the basis for all marketing, real world or online. So the question is this; does online marketing work to bring in more customers?

Measuring Effectiveness

Internet marketing, just like real world marketing, is determined by the business. Different businesses must have different strategies for bringing in customers. Internet marketing on the whole has been proven to be effective, but that does not mean your marketing strategy will be.

Internet marketing differs from real world marketing in that the response can be measured instantly in real- time, meaning that you can instantly tell if a marketing strategy is working or not.  Being in an online environment can easily remove a strategy that is ineffective.

To measure how effective internet marketing is, you must know three things:

  • Amount of Created Traffic

Create a standard minimum number of clicks to be reached for all ads within the first couple of days. If an ad is not clicked this number of times it may need to be replaced. If none of your ads reach this number of clicks your goal may be set too high.

  • Amount of Created Leads

A lead is a potential sales contact; individuals or organizations that show interest in your products. The amount of created leads is how many people wanted more information.

The people who go from your advertisements to clicking on other areas of the site, or request more information are your leads. If people are not looking for more information after they click an ad, then that ad was not successful in creating a lead and needs to be replaced.

  • Conversion Rates

How many people click before a sale is made?  Conversion rates are the ultimate goal of all internet marketing because if people aren’t buying, the ads are useless. Measure the total number of online visitors who clicked on the ads and how many purchases they made. A good standard is that 20% of the people who click an ad or marketing page make a purchase.

If you are not reaching 20% but are getting a fairly standard number of hits it may be that your ads are misleading or simply not good enough. Dissect the ads that generate greater sales to determine which strategies are the most effective.

Improving The Numbers

Even after you measure the effectiveness of your internet marketing you still have one major challenge. How can you improve it even further?

Marketing strategies become cold and stagnate over time. Developing new, more effective strategies is a constant challenge. Many companies have found great success by outsourcing their internet marketing.

Internet marketing companies have professionals whose sole job is to create new marketing strategies. This includes banner ads, social media, SEO articles, digital videos, and much more.

Robolizard’s strategy of internet marketing has shown a click-to-sale conversion rate of up to 37%.

Contact us today for more information.

How To Find The Best SEO Company

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Finding A Good SEO Company

If you want your company to show up on top when users search for your services, then you’ll need the best SEO company to help you beat the competition. Unfortunately there are quite a few companies out there that claim to be the best and therefore it can be difficult to determine which one really is the best SEO company to use. The best way to start is to ask the following questions:

  • Is their website ranked high?
  • Do they provide client testimonials and/or portfolio of work done?
  • Is SEO their primary business?

Is Their Website Ranked High?

Search engine optimization is all about improving search engine ranking and if you’re trying to find a good SEO company then you’d think they would at least be able to rank high on Google right? I mean, if they’re unable to get their own site ranked for “SEO Company” do you really think they’ll be able to get your site ranked for your industry? SEO is constantly evolving and it’s imperative that you’re working with a company that stays up-to-date on the changes that search engines make on how they rank sites. For example, the summer of 2013 brings a new update to Google’s ranking algorithm which will work to weed out spam articles and back links. So an SEO company that offers to get you hundreds or thousands of back links, while that used to be good for rankings, will now cause your site to low rank and likely get lost in the plethora of search results.

Are There Testimonials & Portfolio?

Unfortunately, as search engine optimization is a young industry, there are quite a few SEO companies springing up all over place but are they really experienced? Can they help your website dominate its industry and pass up your competitors on the search engines? It’s important that a good SEO company provides testimonials and portfolio of work done for their clients. This will allow you to not only determine whether the SEO company provides good customer service and quality work, but also shows whether they have extensive experience. If their portfolio consists of one, two or even six sites, it sure doesn’t give much confidence in them. You generally want to see an SEO company that can proudly display at least 10 examples of sites they have built or provided SEO services for. Now check them out, do the sites look good? Try going to one of the sites in the portfolio, determine what that company does and where they are located and do a Google search for them. Do they rank high? A good SEO company will not only get themselves ranked high but will also deliver results to their clients. That what you want, results. A company can promise you the world, or charge you next to nothing for their services but the bottom line comes down to the results they deliver.

Is SEO Their Primary Business?

The company that you hosts your website with likely offers SEO. A lot of internet companies will offer SEO services as an add-on service to their primary services. Unfortunately this generally means that they are outsourcing the SEO work or aren’t very experienced with it.

When a company outsources their SEO services, this adds extra cost which leads to getting very little for what you’re actually paying. Outsourced services can also result in miscommunications, poor customer services and long turnaround times.

If a company offers SEO services as add-on service but does the work in-house, there’s a good chance they aren’t very experienced with SEO and/or don’t actually put much effort into research and training. Therefore they are likely to provide sub-par service when it comes to SEO services.

How To Find The Best SEO Company

Once you’ve asked yourself the above questions, if you’re still not sure which is the best SEO company or are having trouble sifting through all the results, then you may want to consider searching for a local SEO company. Try doing a search on Google for “seo company in [insert your city or state]” and find a local company. Again, make sure to ask the above questions to determine if your leading local SEO company is qualified to provide the best possible service and has proven results.

Found This Article On Google?

If you found this article on Google it is because of good SEO work done by the best SEO company in the US. If your company has been struggling to beat out your competition then you may want to step it up a notch and start having your SEO work done by the best SEO company in the business.

Cost of SEO Services

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The Costs of SEO Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can come with a wide range of prices when offered as a professional service. SEO involves optimizing a website to give it a better chance of ranking high on specific key terms used in an online search. If you’ve just started looking into SEO then you may be surprised to find that you will likely come across an extreme range of prices, from a couple hundred dollars up to tens of thousands.

How The Costs of SEO Have Changed

Search engine optimization has come a long way since the origin of search engines. A couple years ago you could hire a company to help rank you on search engines and only pay a couple hundred bucks resulting in pretty high rankings within a few months. Unfortunately, search engines, like Google, have continually worked to provide the best, most relevant search results possible and in doing so they have created algorithms that now pick up on bad SEO practices and spamming techniques which were used in the past. Now, to get ranked well on a search engine, you must do a lot more quality work to get that same ranking and therefore the cost of SEO services has gone up.

A high performance, experienced SEO company will now charge much more for SEO services as more work must be done to get good rankings.

Search engines want to see quality, original content and therefore if your website provides that, then you’re more likely to rank higher on searches. To accomplish this goal good quality articles and content must be written for your site and blog.  This takes time and expertise, resulting in higher costs.

City-Specific SEO VS National SEO Costs

Another factor involved with SEO is the geographic target. If your business is a local company that only wants people within your local area to find you, then it means less competition and less work needed to be ranked. For instance, if you’re a local business hiring an online advertising & seo company, the fees may range from $1500 to $3000 per month. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you’re a national or international company in a competitive industry and you want to show up on the first page of Google, you’ll likely be looking at a cost of $5000 to $10,000+ per month for quality SEO services.

Why There’s A Monthly Cost For SEO Services

As you may already be aware, search engine optimization does involve tweaks to the website in order for search engines to read it better and also help the verbiage focus its aim on specific keywords. That is just the start of SEO. Getting enough “oomph” to snag that coveted spot at the top of page 1 will require a lot more work though and requires regular website updates and new content. It generally takes about 6 months to get the most out of quality SEO work at which point you would need to maintain your top position or keep working to push above your tougher competition. Companies that offer a one-time-fee of SEO services may possibly be able to get you ranked on search engines with just one month of work but it is likely that your site will quickly slip down the slippery slope of rankings as your competitors continue to optimize their sites and add content, making you look like the unpopular kid in school.

Do I Really Need A Lot of Money For SEO?

If you’re a young company then you may find it difficult to fork up several thousands of marketing dollars to afford SEO services that actually work. Thankfully there are quite a few other methods of online advertising that can help and have a smaller price tag. One of the most cost effective methods being Remarketing. Remarketing allows you to advertise to people who have already visited your website by following them around the web and showing your ads to them. It works well because most users who have already visited your site are likely to only click on your ad if they are finally ready to come back to your site and convert into business. In most cases you only pay per click, so the costs are very low.

Caution is key to avoiding scams, so make sure you’re only using the best company for SEO services. If a company charges significantly less for SEO, then you probably won’t get much for it. A great way to see if a company really knows how to do quality SEO services is to do a quick search on Google for “SEO Company”. The site that is ranked on top obviously knows how to do SEO as they’re able to keep themselves on top and can likely keep you on top as well.

Looking for a more specific price sheet? Click here to view a price sheet survey info-graph.

If you want to explore your available options for SEO services and get a quote for your specific company, get a quote from the top SEO company by clicking here.


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How To Report Copyright Infringement

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How To Report Copyright Infringement

  1. Call the person to ask them directly if they will remove the infringement
  2. Send official cease & desist letters to the hosting company for the site, to the owner of the domain and to Google (Download Cease & Desist letter Templates)
  3. If there is no response, contact a lawyer (Try Jackson Law)

Removing Content From Google

Copyright Email Addresses

  • Godaddy –
  • Google –

United States Copyright Office

  • Library of Congress
    Copyright Office
    101 Independence Avenue, S.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20559-6000
    P: 202-707-3000
    Open 8am-5pm EST

Search Quality Guidelines

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search quality guidelines

Google Search Quality & SEO  Guidelines

search quality guidelines

March SEO News Release

Google released it’s first ever Search Quality Guidlines for SEO.

This is the best guide I have ever come across regarding SEO for Google, a lot of valuable insight can be gained from reading it.  The world of SEO is changing every day. Google has expanded their review team to over 1,000,000 people. Spammers beware.

If you are in the SEO industry and have not read this, you should slap yourself, hard in the face.

New Google Header

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New Google+ Plus Header Image Size

The new header that Google has come out with in March, 2013 has these dimensions…

  • 1060 pixel width
  • 600 pixel hieght

So the head is 1060×600 pixels in size.

The profile picture appears as a circle and hovers over the image at 145 pixels from the bottom of the image on the left so account for that space being blocked.

For a complete list of sizes for social media banners, check out this page.



Meeting Expectations

How To Meet Expectations In Business

I felt like writing about something that can help everyone today, not just the online advertising world. It’s about how to meet expectations in today’s world.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]lion-eating-you[/custom_frame_left]

The only real way to meet expectations is to exceed them.” – Brandon Pride

You can define how to meet expectations all day long but the quote above says it all. The only real way in life and in business deals to meet an expectation is to exceed it.

This is how you win friends & influence people, as Dale Carnegie had said.

It is not enough to simply satisfy people these days.

How can you exceed an expectation?

Here are a few examples.

Meeting Expectations Examples


  • Take a girl to dinner & a movie.
  • Bring her flowers, take her to a dinner & a movie
  • Bring her flowers, take her to dinner, take her on a candle lit boat ride then for dessert at a dinner movie theater, order for her, open her door for her & be dressed up.

It is so easy in life to be extraordinary if you follow one simple rule for going beyond the ordinary expectation of people. If you start to practice this, you become great at it and your charisma goes through the roof. People start to like you, appreciate you and respect you.

Another Example:

  • A website estimate is 30 days and it’s done in 35
  • A website estimate is 30 days and it’s done in two weeks
  • A website estimate is 30 days and it’s done in a week
  • A website estimate is 30 days and you started before the contract was even signed, so it was done 2 days after you received payment

[message type="custom" width="100%" start_color="#FFFCB5" end_color="#F4CBCB"border="#BBBBBB" color="#333333"]Don’t waste your life being ordinary. Be extraordinary. In business, in relationships & with family. Exceed the expectation![/message]



How To Make A Sitemap For Google

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How To Make A Sitemap For Google

It’s a piece of cake using a free sitemap generator like XML Sitemaps.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in your domain with the www. in front of it and hit “Create Sitemap”.
  3. Download the .xml version on the next page
  4. Upload it to the root directory of your hosting account or server
  5. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap


WordPress Sitemap

  • I suggest you use Yoast SEO Plugin, it automatically creates sitemaps for you and updates them as the site is being updated.