How To Rip, Clone, Copy & Restore A Lost or Current Website


Want to know how to backup, clone or copy an entire website?

Here are the steps you can take…

  1. First, check with your hosting provider if the site is hosted with you, most companies have a 30 day period where they keep your site up and can restore it at little or no cost.
  2. If the site is still up, download this free website stealer software and follow the ridiculously easy instructions.
  3. If that program didn’t copy the whole site, use this one: (Works well for massive websites)

Need a copy of your website from days, months or weeks ago?

  • If the site is gone or the old designer has password protected it so the tools above do not work, visit this site to get a backdated copy of the site: (It’s called the Way Back Machine) it finds copies of your site up to 11 months ago

Still having problems? Go to Google search and find the cached version of the page, look below at the image. You can copy each page individually and you have up to 2 weeks to view the cached copy of the site.  Know that after 2 weeks, Google may de-index that site and put a hold on that domain being re-listed.


Did your web designer steal your website and is holding it hostage?

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