Reputation MaintenanceHow Reputation Repair Works

You have negative reviews or news when someone does a search for your company name. Now what? Unless the other party is posting trademarked material, there is only one thing you CAN do, hire Robolizard to build a network of ‘good’ news around the bad news. So we build so much good news that it encompasses the first three pages of Google, pushing the bad news down to where no one will find it.

First we will send a letter to the hosting company and person responsible for the bad press, then a formal letter to Google and lastly, if all else fails, we begin the reputation repair process.

“A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.”
– Joseph Hall

What is Reputation Preventative Maintanence?

Don’t get caught up in a bad review or negative press hailstorm! Start your business right off by building a heap of great news surrounding your good company name in Google.

It’s like building a fort around your brand online.

With a regular reputation preventative maintenance plan you rest easier knowing that if bad press happens, it’s going to be hard to find and discouraging for the negative review party. Build a wall so think that you never have to worry about getting a bad post on a high PR site like

If you are a big business or large e-commerce site, a reputation maintenance plan can save you a lot of lost sales through keeping those negative reviews from ever appearing in the first place.