Remarketing Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

People come to your site, we tag their computer, they are followed by your own ads all over the internet

How does it follow people and where are the ads shown?

Thousands of review sites, news sites, youtube, fox news, NBC & social sites have partnered with Google to display ads on their site in order to make a little extra money. Google sees that the customers PC has been tagged with a specific code and automatically display your ad on any of these partner websites. What does it look like? See an example of where remarketing ads appear

Does this work?

Hell yes, you better get on it now before everyone is doing it, it’s 6/29/13 now and you probably have one year of fame & glory left before it’s widespread

Do I need to provide the text?

No, we write it. We have Thomas Kane, an expert in sales psychology and a long time writer for persuasion, everything down to the curve of letters is taken into consideration to drive customers to buy, the text on these ads takes a lot of well trained thought and revision.

Do I provide the images?

If you have them in vector format (the files your designer gave to you in the beginning) such as .psd or .pdf file, please send any you have in mind over.

If not, we will find and buy images for you at no extra charge, we prefer to use images we know will work for you

You don’t use copyrighted images do you?

Never, we only buy high quality premium images for our ads.

How long does it take?

Our turnaround time for the first few samples of the look is 48 hours, and about 24 hours for every new revision

Do you set up the remarketing campaign for us and install the tracking on our site?

Yep, ask us.

Do you do animated ads?

Yep, it’s twice the price, they get bettter results.

Do you have any examples of remarketing ads?

Yes, here is a set of remarketing ads we did for a customer.

Do you offer any discount?

Yep, if you agree to take whatever we come up with the first time and don’t need the photoshop files, we’ll do 50% off for any ad package.