Reduce PPC Costs by 50%

If you are selling a product, use buying decision keywords. Using buying decision keywords in the 4 match types in every product adgroup.

For Example:

  • buy scooters
  • buy scooters online
  • scooters for sale
  • scooters online
  • buy a scooter online
Then use this match type generator to create a list of broad match, exact match and phrase match keywords.


If you have a large campaign with thousands of products, you can save yourself thousands of dollars a month (or millions depending on your spend) by exporting your campaign to excel and using a formula to automatically add buying decision keywords in the different match types in bulk.


In 1 hour, I was able to reduce the spend for a company by 50%; all I had to do was export, inject buying decision keywords & import. Within one month, the amount of sales stayed the same and the cost was reduced by €30,000 Euros.


Knowledge is power. Overall, I was able to reduce the spend by 70%, but we’ll save the rest for another post.


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