How does Quality Score affect Cost?

The difference between price in quality score of 10 vs 3…

Let’s say you want to spend $1.00 per click, below is about how much the difference would be between a quality score of 10 vs 3.

CPC: $1.00

QS 10 = $0.70
QS 03 = $2.33

Now let’s pretend in one year, you get 12,000 clicks.

QS 10 = $6,400.00
QS 03 = $28,000.00

Now you get an idea of the severe importance of learning how to improve quality score.

“I once managed an account for an equipment loan company that spent $8k a month, by getting the quality score up to 10 for all keywords, they were able to save $24,000 a year, not bad for only about 20 hours of work!”

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