Business Websites
If you meet the below qualification, we have an amazing offer for you.

•You’ve been tracking your sales through either analytics or CPC advertising for at least 3 months
•You spend more than $10,000 a month on cost-per-click (CPC) advertising

Our Guarantee…
•We will reduce your cost of advertising by at least 20%
•We will increase the sales you get from the advertising by at least 20%

It takes us about 3 business days to complete a job and the results are usually immediately noticeable. If we complete the job and 30 days later you are not spending less and making more, you don’t pay us.

How this is a Win/Win situation

How much do we charge? Get this! All we do is take a percentage of the money we save you, so the only person losing anything is Google! You get to spend less money and get more sales, we get paid and everyone walks away happy.

Call and talk to Thomas, our online advertising guru at 480-532-6404 for more information about this offer