Mobile Site Conversion Rate Strategy

This is a great list for getting a higher conversion rate & more sales from your mobile e-commerce online store. Follow these steps and the sales should at least double.

Mobile Site Design For Conversions

  • Build brand value through lifestyle identification.
  • Use imagery that identifies with the lifestyle
  • Example: If you sell purses, have a faded background image of a gorgeous girl wearing a purse
  • BUY NOW button – If you do not have one, you’re an idiot

[message type=”success”]It’s not enough these days to just be a provider of goods, you MUST start selling the ‘lifestyle’. The buying process needs to turn into a ‘lifestyle’ decision & sale, not a ‘because I need it’ sale.[/message]

Mobile Site Navigation For Sales

The Search Box

    • People using their phones are using it for research purposes & direct buys
    • Make it clear what people should be typing & entering into the search box
    • Example: Search by product name or ailment

[message type=”success”]People are their phones because they are in a hurry, looking for a solution or need to research & review or get a second opinion before they buy something.[/message]

Mobile Site Buttons

  • Most Popular Items
  • #1 Popular Category
  • #2 Popular Category
  • #3 Popular Category
  • #4 Popular Category
  • #5 Popular Category
  • Special Offers

Bottom Pages

  • About | Order Status | Shipping Info | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Service | Contact
  • Social Icons

Trust & Credibility Factor

Main Landing Page

  • Over XXXX orders since XXXX years
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping Available

Trust Symbols

Inside Pages

    • Number of units ever sold
    • Short descriptions of the products
    • Reviews/Testimonials


I’d like to thank Jerry Nordstrom for helping me develope this list.

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