Small Business Negative Keyword List

I built this macdaddy negative keyword list for Adwords campaigns. Works for almost any small business but go through it first before applying it to your campaign.  I’ve never seen a better negative keyword list.

Here they are! The most awesome negative keyword list that fits almost every service based business.  Negative keywords should usually be entered as phrase match, so just copy the list below into your negative keywords box with the “quotes”.

“business plan”
“case studies”
“case study”
“do it yourself”
“hand made”
“look up”
“open source”
“pre paid”
“public domain”
“what are”
“what is”
“white paper”
“white papers”
“you tube”

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  1. don’t need to duplicate negative like plurals

    if you negative track, AdWords will exclude searches with tracks as well

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