Can Internet Marketing Bring In Customers?

Marketing in the real world has proven beneficial for businesses, but can internet marketing have the same benefits? When spending money on any type of marketing you have to be sure of one thing and one thing only – does it bring in more customers?  The more costumers you have, the more potential you have for sales. This is the basis for all marketing, real world or online. So the question is this; does online marketing work to bring in more customers?

Measuring Effectiveness

Internet marketing, just like real world marketing, is determined by the business. Different businesses must have different strategies for bringing in customers. Internet marketing on the whole has been proven to be effective, but that does not mean your marketing strategy will be.

Internet marketing differs from real world marketing in that the response can be measured instantly in real- time, meaning that you can instantly tell if a marketing strategy is working or not.  Being in an online environment can easily remove a strategy that is ineffective.

To measure how effective internet marketing is, you must know three things:

  • Amount of Created Traffic

Create a standard minimum number of clicks to be reached for all ads within the first couple of days. If an ad is not clicked this number of times it may need to be replaced. If none of your ads reach this number of clicks your goal may be set too high.

  • Amount of Created Leads

A lead is a potential sales contact; individuals or organizations that show interest in your products. The amount of created leads is how many people wanted more information.

The people who go from your advertisements to clicking on other areas of the site, or request more information are your leads. If people are not looking for more information after they click an ad, then that ad was not successful in creating a lead and needs to be replaced.

  • Conversion Rates

How many people click before a sale is made?  Conversion rates are the ultimate goal of all internet marketing because if people aren’t buying, the ads are useless. Measure the total number of online visitors who clicked on the ads and how many purchases they made. A good standard is that 20% of the people who click an ad or marketing page make a purchase.

If you are not reaching 20% but are getting a fairly standard number of hits it may be that your ads are misleading or simply not good enough. Dissect the ads that generate greater sales to determine which strategies are the most effective.

Improving The Numbers

Even after you measure the effectiveness of your internet marketing you still have one major challenge. How can you improve it even further?

Marketing strategies become cold and stagnate over time. Developing new, more effective strategies is a constant challenge. Many companies have found great success by outsourcing their internet marketing.

Internet marketing companies have professionals whose sole job is to create new marketing strategies. This includes banner ads, social media, SEO articles, digital videos, and much more.

Robolizard’s strategy of internet marketing has shown a click-to-sale conversion rate of up to 37%.

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