Industry Authority BuildingBecome An Authority In Your Industry

A term coined by Robolizard. Let us show you how.

We have designed the ultimate method for developing your website and brand as prime real estate on the web while also getting your brand and image recognized as an Authority in your field. Industry Authority Building is an elite mixture of SEO, Social Media and Advertising.

We sign up for forums, blogs, groups and communities that relate to your industry. Join (use the find group feature), yahoo answers, google forums and answer questions for people asking about topics that relate to your industry in your area.

“Whether you are a worldwide freight logistics company or a famous celebrity trainer, we can help solidify your image online by building an online empire around you and what you do.”

The Best Way to Sell is to Educate

Find friends for facebook, develop a following on twitter, keep up with latest news and post latest updates on fads and interesting information pertaining to your business, keeping customers in the know with the latest information, which builds instant trust and credibility.

We Make You Look Awesome

We include a signature for your name, company name and link to your website. Spend time regularly going to each forum or blog and giving extremely well researched answers to questions on your behalf.

Industry Authority Building is a full service offering. You won’t need to go anywhere else for advertising or branding.

What Can You Expect With Authority Link Building?

We do a unique form of link building that is more advanced than the normal ranking companies. Our link building is actually called Industry Authority Building. Through artful, intelligent content writing, we turn your company into an Industry Authority; which gets interest, educates & inspires people to believe in your service, product or offering.

Out with the old crappy link building strategies & in with the new! Build your company into an Industry Authority!

Come visit us and find out how!