The Psychology of Sales Using Images

A common mistake in advertising is to use imagery that appeals to the crowd that you are advertising to. But we should be using imagery that appeals to the crowds dream, images that appeal to what they aspire to be.

Selling With Imagery, Example 1: Back Pain Medication

A man with a hurting back is less appealingAn ad of a guy in pain holding his back

A happy person is more appealing when sales are concernedAn ad of a guy jumping into the air in freedom from back pain

B is going to get better results in sales

Psychologically people are more likely to convert into sales when the image of a happy person jumping into freedom from back pain is implanted into their head.

Selling With Imagery, Example 2: Testosterone Clinic

Pictures of old guys playing golf & a doctors office and picture of the doctor

Middle aged happy, healthy strong cute couple hiking and having fun

B is going to get better results in sales

Because we are appealing to what people are aspiring to be, a happy healthy man who feels like a strong younger man who can love life again. Visitors aren’t coming into the site to improve their golf game and a picture of a doctors office isn’t appealing in any way at all

Appealing To a Person’s Self Image in Sales

A person’s self-image is the dominant view they have of themselves; materially, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.  Appeal to emotions, dreams, aspirations and the end result, not bland, meaningless places, objects or discomfort.

Inspire People

A skate boarder isn’t inspired from looking at another skateboarder. He is inspired by Tony Hawk and the high class skateboarding lifestyle that he hopes to one day achieve. He is inspired by another skateboarder doing an awesome trick that he hasn’t mastered yet.

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