How to Write an Optimized SEO Blog Post

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    1. Carnosine Reviews
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      2. Title
        1. Length: 65 Characters
        2. Example: Dr Oz Carnosine Reviews | Buy Carnosine Online in Canada
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          2. Note: Include the keywords from the title
          3. Example: Recently Dr. Oz promoted Carnosine. Research has shown immunity enhancement and increased wound healing effects. Read Carnosine reviews. Buy Carnosine online in Canada.
          4. H1
            1. Length: 60 Characters
            2. Note: Include 50% of the keywords and use variations of the keywords in the title
            3. Example: Learn About Carnosine, Recently Reviewed by Dr Oz
            4. Content
              1. Carnosine is a small protein comprised of the amino acids histidine & alanine. It is found in reasonably high concentrations in many human body tissues, usually noticed in the skeletal muscle, heart muscle, and the brain. Because of its antioxidant properties, carnosine supplements are being promoted and used as anti-ageing therapy.
              2. H2
                1. Length: 60 Characters
                2. Note: Use an even greater keyword variation of the H1
                3. Example: What Evidence is there that Carnosine is beneficial?
                4. Content
                  1. A small 2002 study reported that Carnosine improved socialization and receptive vocabulary in children with autism. In animal models Carnosine has been shown to retard cancer growth and protect against alcohol-induced oxidative stress as well as ethanol-induced chronic liver damage. Carnosine is also neuroprotective against permanent cerebral ischemia in mice.Typical vegetarian diets are thought to be lacking in Carnosine, but whether this has a detrimental effect on vegetarians is unknown.
                  2. Take Action – Want to try Carnosine? Buy Carnosine online in Canada.
                  3. Use to verify the created article is not too similar to anything else on the web to avoid duplicate content

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