How To Meet Expectations In Business

I felt like writing about something that can help everyone today, not just the online advertising world. It’s about how to meet expectations in today’s world.

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The only real way to meet expectations is to exceed them.” – Brandon Pride

You can define how to meet expectations all day long but the quote above says it all. The only real way in life and in business deals to meet an expectation is to exceed it.

This is how you win friends & influence people, as Dale Carnegie had said.

It is not enough to simply satisfy people these days.

How can you exceed an expectation?

Here are a few examples.

Meeting Expectations Examples


  • Take a girl to dinner & a movie.
  • Bring her flowers, take her to a dinner & a movie
  • Bring her flowers, take her to dinner, take her on a candle lit boat ride then for dessert at a dinner movie theater, order for her, open her door for her & be dressed up.

It is so easy in life to be extraordinary if you follow one simple rule for going beyond the ordinary expectation of people. If you start to practice this, you become great at it and your charisma goes through the roof. People start to like you, appreciate you and respect you.

Another Example:

  • A website estimate is 30 days and it’s done in 35
  • A website estimate is 30 days and it’s done in two weeks
  • A website estimate is 30 days and it’s done in a week
  • A website estimate is 30 days and you started before the contract was even signed, so it was done 2 days after you received payment

[message type="custom" width="100%" start_color="#FFFCB5" end_color="#F4CBCB"border="#BBBBBB" color="#333333"]Don’t waste your life being ordinary. Be extraordinary. In business, in relationships & with family. Exceed the expectation![/message]



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