How Does Article Spinning Work?

I was recently asked by a writer if she should use an article spinner because a customer of hers wanted her to use The Best Spinner.

What Is Article Spinning?

It’s writing a article of content or text that is about 200-500 words long and using code around certain sentences or phrases that automically switches it all up so that when you click ‘Spin My Article’ button, you now have 20 articles that look similar but use different words.

Why Use Article Spinning?

It tricks Google into believe that many sources have talked about your article and wrote about it in their own words. In short, it’s an attempt to trick Google into believing you are more popular than you are.  Because if you were to submit the same article to 1,000 different places, it is quickly identified as spam.  Spinning reduces the risk the article will be considered spam.

Spinning no longer works. March, 2013.

Spinning is not a solution anymore, Google has figured it out. You will not be able to spin that article well enough, no matter how hard you try, don’t do it.  You are doing a disservice to yourself and your clients.

I used to use this back before May of 2012, it worked really well if you spun things at 50%, which takes while to figure out so many variations.

I used to use it in conjunction with SEnuke, worked like a dream. Totally bombed right after the Panda update. I am one of the best article spinners I have ever seen and still articles from my skill were not spun well enough.

I was creating 1,000 accounts at various forums/social media places at once and spun that content so well that it was always perfect to read aloud.

The trick these days is a great deal of inconsistency.

I have not used since the Panda update. I can see it being a good base for ideas on multiple articles that are then re-written manually, but not for mass producing.

[message type=”success”]Not if you want to create real, long lasting & legitimate results that won’t get found out and busted one day. WRITE ORIGINAL CONTENT THAT EDUCATES PEOPLE.[/message]

I would not use spinning systems anymore, I have been doing SEO writing long enough it’s easier and more worth while in the long run to hand write the articles.

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