Things You Can Do To Help Conversion Rates

Rules to follow.. these statistics are all valid and it’s a list of itemized statistics that will help you in your career of conversion rate optimization or as a business owner in getting more business to your business.

  • Visitors spend 9 seconds entering their search phrase
  • 10 seconds picking an ad to click
  • 10 seconds on the homepage
  • 3 seconds looking at the graphics
  • Visitors read an average of 100 words in 4.4 seconds
  • 35% spend less than 10 seconds on the homepage
  • 80% read the first 100 words
  • 50% read up to 200 words
  • 20% read up to 300 words
  • 0-1% read 500 words or more
  • The average amount a person is most willing to fork over without thought is $40
  • People are 50% likely to buy more after they have already bought something else
  • 81% of people click the first link in organic results
  • 17% click the second link
  • Less than 5% click the third link
  • Ad position 4.5 is the best converting ad position for products in
  • Ad position 1-2 is the best converting position for geo-businesses since the introduction of Google maps & instant
  • The best time to send a newsletter is Tuesday morning
  • The highest conversion rate times are 9-1 Mon-Wed
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