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Writing a Perfect Web Page Description

Let’s say you want to get found for two keyphrases for a page, I’ll use Search Marketing Professional and Thomas Stinson as examples. This could easily be any other type of service, just replace my words with your own.

If your title is something like this:

Nation’s Best Search Marketing Professional | Thomas Stinson

….then you would want a description that repeats these keywords in about two original sentences, for a total of about 160 characters.

1. Take a look at the landing page for each of the keywords you want to be found for, look at other descriptions and think what would make yours more appealing than theirs.
2. Don’t use more than 160 characters.
3. Lean towards making the business sound like the best possible choice for the least amount of effort, time and money.

Perfect Meta Description Example:

Thomas Stinson is the nation’s best search marketing professional. Thomas offers premium SEO advice, eye-opening consultations and family prices on search marketing.

I have described myself as the best for less… and visitors can even get premium advice from the best.

Selling The Service With Psychological Writing

You need to make yourself or your client seem like a leader in their industry, sell the service using adjectives and don’t be afraid to promote yourself or your client as great if you really feel that’s what the service is.

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What is a Robots.txt File?

It’s a small text file that tells Google what it should or should not put in it’s search results.

Why You Need a Robots.txt File

The search engines like it when you have a robots.txt file. It tells the search engines what you want being indexed (listed) in the search results.

This is How You Make a Robots.txt File

1. Open notepad
2. Copy and paste the below bolded text into the empty notepad file

User-agent: *Allow: /
Disallow: thankyou.html

3. Save it as robots.txt
4. Upload it to the root directory of your hosting account
5. You are done!

For everything you don’t want someone to or the search engines looking up (i.e. = not relevant to your website), type new Disallow line for each thing, like this…

User-agent: *Allow: /
Disallow: thankyou.html
Disallow: /myporncollection
Disallow: /this-old-web-page-i-dont-want-anyone-seeing.html
Disallow: /thispornvideo.mpeg

That is how you make a robots.txt file

If you are using wordpress, I would suggest downloading this XML Generator WordPress Plugin.

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