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Companion Search Marketing & Statistics

What is companion search marketing? It’s a new way of advertising display ads that get results similar to remarketing.

1. Visitor searches for  ‘widgets’ in Google

2. Your display ads are shown on any site with adsense that appears in the search results following that search

3. That’s it 🙂

How Companion Search Marketing Works

1. Create an ordinary display advertising campaign

2. Enter ‘review’ type keywords around or service or product & upload display ads

3. Save it & call your Google rep to have the campaign switched over


Results From A Live Account

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Dynamic VS Static URL Structure

Is it better to use a dynamic URL that includes information pulled from a database or a static URL that ends in something like .html

Dynamic URL Example


Static URL Example


The Answer

“If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a “?” character), be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few.” – Google

It is better for users and Google if you use static pages for products & services.

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The Psychology of Sales Using Images

A common mistake in advertising is to use imagery that appeals to the crowd that you are advertising to. But we should be using imagery that appeals to the crowds dream, images that appeal to what they aspire to be.

Selling With Imagery, Example 1: Back Pain Medication

A man with a hurting back is less appealingAn ad of a guy in pain holding his back

A happy person is more appealing when sales are concernedAn ad of a guy jumping into the air in freedom from back pain

B is going to get better results in sales

Psychologically people are more likely to convert into sales when the image of a happy person jumping into freedom from back pain is implanted into their head.

Selling With Imagery, Example 2: Testosterone Clinic

Pictures of old guys playing golf & a doctors office and picture of the doctor

Middle aged happy, healthy strong cute couple hiking and having fun

B is going to get better results in sales

Because we are appealing to what people are aspiring to be, a happy healthy man who feels like a strong younger man who can love life again. Visitors aren’t coming into the site to improve their golf game and a picture of a doctors office isn’t appealing in any way at all

Appealing To a Person’s Self Image in Sales

A person’s self-image is the dominant view they have of themselves; materially, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.  Appeal to emotions, dreams, aspirations and the end result, not bland, meaningless places, objects or discomfort.

Inspire People

A skate boarder isn’t inspired from looking at another skateboarder. He is inspired by Tony Hawk and the high class skateboarding lifestyle that he hopes to one day achieve. He is inspired by another skateboarder doing an awesome trick that he hasn’t mastered yet.

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 How to Replace Spaces in Bulk in Microsoft Excel

Replacing spaces in Microsoft excel is easy, just follow these simple steps and you are good to go! Have questions or need help with a massive e-commerce web store setup? Find Thomas Kane on the team page.



Use this formula  =SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A2),” “,”%20”)

  • A2    —- tells us which box to replace spaces in
  • ” ”      —- tells us what character we are replacing i excel
  • %20 —- this could be anything, in this case I am replacing the space with the alpha numeric character that Google considers a space in a URL. You can replace %20 with anything, such as a dash “-” or plus sign “+”


Replacing Spaces – The Result



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How To Rip, Clone, Copy & Restore A Lost or Current Website


Want to know how to backup, clone or copy an entire website?

Here are the steps you can take…

  1. First, check with your hosting provider if the site is hosted with you, most companies have a 30 day period where they keep your site up and can restore it at little or no cost.
  2. If the site is still up, download this free website stealer software and follow the ridiculously easy instructions.
  3. If that program didn’t copy the whole site, use this one: (Works well for massive websites)

Need a copy of your website from days, months or weeks ago?

  • If the site is gone or the old designer has password protected it so the tools above do not work, visit this site to get a backdated copy of the site: (It’s called the Way Back Machine) it finds copies of your site up to 11 months ago

Still having problems? Go to Google search and find the cached version of the page, look below at the image. You can copy each page individually and you have up to 2 weeks to view the cached copy of the site.  Know that after 2 weeks, Google may de-index that site and put a hold on that domain being re-listed.


Did your web designer steal your website and is holding it hostage?

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Google Trends & Insights Just Got Way Cooler

Google trends is a really cool market research tool to find similar keywords, look at seasonal sales times or daily trends. You can search by country, timeframe or category.

This helps in looking up similar keywords and find trends for patterns in advertising.

Be a step above your competition. Use it for researching your industry keywords.

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Advanced SEO Blogging Guide

How to blog in order to educate visitors, build trust and inspire action for sales. Once you get good at it, each blog post takes about 15 minutes.

Blog Research Overview

  1. Sign up for every news feed and newsletter related to the industry
    1. Yahoo Answers –
    2. Linked-in – Join related groups –
    3. Google Trends –
    4. Google News –




iv.      etc..

  1. Each day, research & pick a topic of interest and re-write the article into our own blog
  2. Research keywords regarding the topic –
  3. Writing The Blog Article & Heading

    1. Write the blog post using the instructions below and insert your researched keywords into the post
    2. Include buying decision keywords such as reviews, review, sale, for sale, buy, order, purchase, buying, online, where to buy, how to buy and the location keywords
    3. Include adjectives and power words such as strong, super, mega, finest, quality, premium, strongest, powerful, almighty, maximum strength, awesome, good, great, fast acting, effective, fortified, enhanced, powerhouse, amazing, new etc…
    4. In the content for the page itself, make one or two links (per 150 words) from keywords pertaining to the benefit of the product or the sale of the product or service
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How to Write an Optimized SEO Blog Post

  1. Navigation Link
    1. Carnosine Reviews
    2. URL
      1. dr-oz-carnosine-reviews-buy-online-canada.html
      2. Title
        1. Length: 65 Characters
        2. Example: Dr Oz Carnosine Reviews | Buy Carnosine Online in Canada
        3. Description
          1. Length: 170 Characters
          2. Note: Include the keywords from the title
          3. Example: Recently Dr. Oz promoted Carnosine. Research has shown immunity enhancement and increased wound healing effects. Read Carnosine reviews. Buy Carnosine online in Canada.
          4. H1
            1. Length: 60 Characters
            2. Note: Include 50% of the keywords and use variations of the keywords in the title
            3. Example: Learn About Carnosine, Recently Reviewed by Dr Oz
            4. Content
              1. Carnosine is a small protein comprised of the amino acids histidine & alanine. It is found in reasonably high concentrations in many human body tissues, usually noticed in the skeletal muscle, heart muscle, and the brain. Because of its antioxidant properties, carnosine supplements are being promoted and used as anti-ageing therapy.
              2. H2
                1. Length: 60 Characters
                2. Note: Use an even greater keyword variation of the H1
                3. Example: What Evidence is there that Carnosine is beneficial?
                4. Content
                  1. A small 2002 study reported that Carnosine improved socialization and receptive vocabulary in children with autism. In animal models Carnosine has been shown to retard cancer growth and protect against alcohol-induced oxidative stress as well as ethanol-induced chronic liver damage. Carnosine is also neuroprotective against permanent cerebral ischemia in mice.Typical vegetarian diets are thought to be lacking in Carnosine, but whether this has a detrimental effect on vegetarians is unknown.
                  2. Take Action – Want to try Carnosine? Buy Carnosine online in Canada.
                  3. Use to verify the created article is not too similar to anything else on the web to avoid duplicate content

Is Bing Becoming Better Than Google?

The answer? It’s starting to look a lot like it.

Bing search is getting better and better everyday. Google is becomming top heavy and is losing its roots.

Bing is now integrating with Facebook and poor Google is still trying to turn Google+ into something cool, which it never will be.

Bing Integrating With Facebook

Google+ is going to be Google’s downfall here.

Lately I’ve seen boasting of 30% search share for Bing search. The SEO tools for Bing are better and the search is starting to look cleaner than Google’s. Scary times for Google up ahead.

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Google Now Shows Your Indexed Pages

Using Google Webmaster Tools, you can now see how many pages of your site are actually indexed by Google search engines.  This is helpful in determining the payout of SEO efforts and other reasons.

You can find it here:


And here is an example of a domain’s index status. As you can see, some major changes done to the SEO of the site affected the number of pages that were indexed in May of 2012 dramatically.

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