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SEO Software & Web Tools Ultimate List

This is the complete and best-to-my-knowledge SEO software & tools list I have put together all in one place. It’s all the tools I use to rank, track and analyze.

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What It Takes To Be The World’s Best SEO Company

Robolizard has rocketed to the top of the industry for SEO in only a few short years because of it was founded on the philosophy of providing industry leading customer satisfaction and support. This singular focus has placed Robolizard firmly at the top of the list for SEO in Arizona, and the momentum continues as we reach for the title of being the best in the world, on Feb 1st, 2014 we are now #4 worldwide for ‘best seo company’.

But it takes more than making clients happy to be the world’s best SEO. Robolizard has created – and continues to fine tune – a formula to provide excellent search engine optimization, which includes: • Providing potential consumers the ability to easily access information and get answers to their questions from the leading search engines.

  • Exceeding search engines policies and expectations to place our clients’ names at the top of result pages.
  • Building the authority of our clients to make them the most trusted name in their industry.
  • Of course, since SEO is a highly competitive field, Robolizard can’t reveal all of our secrets.

But you can rest assured that with Robolizard in your corner you will see a measurable increase in website traffic, leads, and most importantly, sales.

The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a field that quickly changes. As search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo continue to adjust their parameters to ensure that they deliver the best experience to people using their services, companies who were ranked highly can quickly find themselves at the bottom of the list.

This can happen literally overnight, instantly crippling a business’s marketability.

Robolizard is committed to staying on top of the changing trends in search engine parameters so that we can always provide the high ranking internet pages.

Unlike some SEO companies, Robolizard avoids the cheap tricks and exploits to get our clients a high ranking, instead we use methods and practices that achieve long term value and we only take on clients that know the value of long term investments.

Robolizard’s true and honest SEO remains at the top of search engine results longer than others not only because of these reasons, but because we strive to offer the best, most informative articles on the internet. And whatever the future brings, you can be sure that we will be blazing the way.

Learn More From The World’s Best SEO Company

Contact Robolizard today to learn more about the marketing and SEO strategies that has made Robolizard the world’s best SEO company.

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What SEO Is & Why It Is Important

Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, in many ways they still can’t see and understand a web page the same way a human does. SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users. –

Imagine you own a restaurant or store, but you have no sign above the door. You’re operating out of an unmarked building. You could tell everyone in the world about how great your product or service is, but if they can’t find you, then no one will come through the door.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of organizing and promoting a website so that search engines are able to easily find, read, and understand the website, therefore being able to appropriately list the website under relevant searches. SEO is important because the majority of business is now either being done through a website or is originated from online research. If your business isn’t being found online, your business will likely suffer.

Does Your Website Look Great But Still Not Showing Up?

So you get great reviews and comments from friends, family, or business associates who have viewed your site and they all agree that your site looks great but they have trouble finding your site. You may be wondering why you’re not showing up search engines. This could be either because the search engines can’t find you, or they can’t figure out what your website is about.

[message type=”warning”]Search engines can’t “read” photos or understand what they are. This is also the case for flash files, video, audio, and plug-in content.[/message]

If your website has a lot of fancy graphics, photos, flash videos or other rich media content, and very little verbiage or text outside of images, then search engines may not be able to figure out what your website is about. Imagine handing a blind person a photograph and expecting them to figure out what it looks like. Now, if you were to give that same person a detailed description of that photograph in Braille, they would get a lot closer to understanding what was on the picture. Through the use of search engine optimization, an internet marketer is able to describe the content that search engines are unable to read, making it easier for search engines to understand what your website is all about.

Are Search Engines Able To Find You?

We’ve all heard the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”. Well, the same concept applies to a website. If your customers are unable to find it, and if search engines can’t find it, does it actually exist? That’s what promoting your site is all about.

Part of SEO involves promoting your website, and your business, so people are able to find it and also promote it. This not only helps search engines find your content easier, but makes your website seem more important since more people are talking about it. Having other people promote your website by linking to it, translates to search engines seeing your site as being high quality, respected, and favored; therefore the search engines are more likely to list your site and give you a better rank.

SEO Is Important Because It Guides Search Engines Through Your Site

Ever hear of a robot.txt file? Well, if you’re not an internet marketer than you probably haven’t. A robot.txt file tells search engines which pages they should read on your website. Unless you tell the search engines, via a robot.txt file, which pages to scan, there’s no way for a search engine to know what pages to crawl and which not to crawl. You don’t want search engines trying to find information on your admin panel or login page, because it’s not relevant to your site. You also don’t want to accidentally block search engines from reading important pages.

You can’t feed a steak to a baby; they need easy-to-digest food in small pieces. SEO makes your website more digestible for search engines to take in and understand.

Search engine algorithms are quite mind blowing and are extremely intelligent at understanding data, but they are still limited, therefore it’s the job of search engine optimization to help break down the data into more understandable chunks.

SEO Is Important Because It Helps Bring The Right Traffic

Your website might be phenomenal and even your verbiage may be great, but if you’re using terms that the majority of users aren’t using when doing a search, then you may never get found. For instance, if you sell car insurance and repeated use the phrase “automobile insurance” on your website, you may get found for “automobile insurance”, but if everyone is searching for “car insurance” then you may not be getting found. Or perhaps you sell pet products or services and instead of saying “cat” and “dog”, you use the terms “feline” and “canine”. Most people are going to understand exactly what you’re saying, but the majority of people aren’t going to go out of their way to do a search using those “fancy” terms.

On the flip side, you also don’t want to be found for extremely broad terms which may bring in irrelevant traffic, making you spend all day weeding out the useless inquiries. If you sell t-shirts with monkeys on them, you don’t want people researching different types of monkeys to find your website. So by carefully choosing the right terms, you’re able to show up on search engines in front of the right people.

[message type=”info”]Choosing the right terms can sometimes be obvious, but other times it takes years of experience and testing to know which terms convert better.[/message]

Are You Getting All The Traffic Possible?

Another reason why SEO is so important, is because of the fact that the majority of users who use search engines will click on the first link that is listed (about 55%). This leaves the scraps to be fought over by the rest of the results, resulting in the first 3 to 5 positions taking practically all the traffic. If your website is showing up on the second page, it’s like not even showing up. Through the use of search engine optimization, you could increase your ranking to the point where you’re finally getting a slice of the pie. More traffic means more business, therefore making SEO extremely important.

If your business and website needs professional SEO services, learn how to find the best SEO company.


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Increasing SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to the art of modifying and optimizing a website in order to improve its rankings on search engines. When referring to increasing their SEO, what most people mean is, how to increase search engine ranking. Search engines rank sites based off a number of different factors including the following:

  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization
  • Social recognition
  • Age

How To Increase SEO With On-site Optimization

On-site optimization refers to the steps taken to improve the content of the website as well as user experience and search engine readability. Search engines are extremely appreciative of quality, unique content. Giving clear explanations, helpful information, and descriptive terms via the website’s content and verbiage, will help search engines identify what it is that you do and what key terms to list you under.

Also, search engines will consider the user experience; search engines will rank the sites higher that they think the searcher will prefer. User experience has to do with fast page-load times, clear and grammatically correct verbiage, no broken links, no misguided information, factual statements, and helpful information.

Finally, there is the search engine readability which means, how well search engines are able to read your site. This has to do with setting up a sitemap, robot.txt, and internal linking. A sitemap is used to list ever page of the site, kind of like a website’s blueprint, so that search engines are easily able to find all the pages. A robot.txt file is used to communicate to the search engines which pages they should ignore, such as login pages or admin pages.  Internal linking is used to link between different pages on the site, such as related content or articles and is an effective way to improve your search engine ranking.

How To Increase SEO With Off-site Optimization

Off-site optimization refers to the work done outside of the actual website you’re trying to optimize and primarily deals with backlinking. Backlinking is the method of creating links from other sites that direct to your site. In the past, search engines considered backlinks the highest level of authority in search engine ranking, resulting in thousands of different spamming methods being created. SEO companies would create programs that would automatically spam thousands of websites in the form of links that all directed back to their own site. This would increase SEO ranking significantly, and very quickly, but fortunately, search engines caught on to this and now give backlinks a much lower preference.

Backlinks now only help to increase your SEO rank when they appear to be valid, non-spam, link references. For instance, if your company is featured in an online magazine which links to your website, that is considered a valid, quality backlink. Or, perhaps, you are a writer and you volunteer to write for a blog or news site and create a valid link referencing helpful information from your site, that would be a valid backlink.

When creating backlinks though, you want to avoid spam linking, like the plague, as it will severely decrease your SEO rankings. Never buy backlinks, and don’t create backlinks from a bunch of forums. The best backlinks are the ones that come naturally, such as your previous customers recommending your services by linking to you.

How To Increase SEO Rank With Social Recognition

Social media, while not as influential in regard to search engines, is a great way to brand your business, increase exposure, and bring traffic to your website, all the while slightly helping to increase your SEO rankings. Social media recognition consists of creating social business profiles for your company on sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and others, and then sharing information and keeping your clients updated on your business. Most social media services are free to use and are a great way to share updates, promotions or deals, or helpful information to your audience.

While it’s great to keep your customers informed and spread promotions, you also want to avoid spamming. Constantly adding posts to your Twitter or Facebook news feed will likely anger your followers and drive them to stop following you. Search engines also like to see that you are offering useful information and beneficial deals to your customers while updating on a regular but non-excessive basis.

SEO Ranking & Age

The least important factor of SEO ranking is age; this refers to not only the age of your domain name, but the age of your website content. The longer that you’ve had your domain name and website online, the better it looks for you as search engines would prefer to list a company that has been around for a long time in an attempt to prevent fly-by-night companies from ranking on top.

Content ranking refers to when you post new content on your site in relation to similar content posted elsewhere. If, for instance, you hear something on the news that directly applies to your industry and you create a blog article on your site talking about that news release, then a week later several other sites also create posts about that news release, your website is going to get more credit for being the first person to talk about it.

Need Help With Increasing Your SEO Ranking?

There are quite a few very simple things you can do to help increase your SEO rank, but when attempting to compete against a competitive market it can be extremely difficult. Search engine optimization suddenly becomes a full time job and requires years of expertise. For that reason, many companies will turn to an experienced SEO company to provide the expert service of search engine optimization.

To learn more about SEO services, click here.

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The Goal Of An Internet Marketer

An internet marketer essentially works to provide businesses or services with an online advertising platform.  An internet marketer can be a single person who does internet marketing freelance, but is more commonly meant to refer to a company that provides an all-inclusive service.

The overall goal of an internet marketer is the same as a traditional marketer – to provide their clients with good leads to bring in new customers and create an increase in sales.  In recent years, internet marketers have been able to provide these things even better than traditional marketing specialists by using techniques that have proven effective.

Techniques Used By Internet Marketers

Every internet marketer has their own methods and tricks-of-the-trade, but the most common strategies for online marketing are:

  • Ad Banners & Remarketing – If you’ve used the internet, you’ve probably seen these small business advertising banners on many pages.  Many people find these advertisements annoying, but if they are intelligently placed (targeting relevant content and demographs) they can be extremely useful.
  • SEM – Search engine marketing, or SEM, promotes websites by paying for links on search engine results pages, like Google or Bing.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization, SEO, optimizes a website to meet a search engine’s criteria for ranking a website higher in natural, unpaid search results, thereby giving it a higher position on the search list and increasing the chance that potential customers will click on it.
  • Link-Building – Link-building is aimed at bringing in more customers by increasing the number of inbound links your websites have from other sites on the internet.  This also helps to improve search engine visibility.
  • Social Media Marketing – Marketing with social media can increase your customer base by giving you a voice on sites like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Blog Marketing – Like with social media, blog marketing gives you the ability to create specialized content that helps attract customers.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing works a lot like traditional postal marketing in that it sends advertisement messages to a large group of potential customers through email.

As mentioned before, there are many other techniques and tactics used by internet marketers to provide a better service to their customers.  Some of these are even closely guarded secrets, but almost any kind of internet marketing strategy can be directly beneficial to your business.

How To Find The Best SEO Company or Internet Marketing Company

There are many internet marketing companies out there that offer one or two of the above services, but to get the most bang for your buck, look for a company that offers a package that includes many different techniques.  The more methods a company uses, the more customers it will drive in, increasing your sales.

Also, it is important to look for a company that is willing to cite satisfied customers and provide you with details of exactly how they contributed to their business and how much their service helped to increase customer traffic and sales.

To learn more about internet marketing services, click here.

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Using Search Engines As Marketing Media

The internet is a growing beast that currently has about 187 million active, registered websites that covers any subject, offers any product, and provides any service you could imagine.  Almost everyone who uses the internet uses search engines to sort through it all.

Because websites are such internet hot-spots, it is a prime location for businesses and companies to promote their websites and bring in more customers.  Search engine optimizers are specialized business consultants that work to ensure that your website can take full advantage of this marketing platform.

Search Engine Optimizers Increase Traffic & Sales

Search engine optimizers provide SEO (search engine optimization) services that are designed to make your company’s website competitive against sites that offer the same type of products or services.  This is important because the vast majority of people looking for information don’t bother to look passed the first handful of search results.

While it is true that you can pay a search engine to provide a sponsored link to your company at the top of their search results, these paid links are not as commonly clicked in comparison to the first three or four natural search results.  A search engine optimizer uses a specialized skillset to get your website to the top of this list.

Websites now must be well-written, well designed, and contain high quality content in order for a search engine to consider putting it at the top of their results page.  Search engine optimizers redesign and create new content for your website that is specifically designed to impress the search engine and get your website listed as near the top as possible, which in turn drives more customers to your business and increases sales.

Search Engine Optimizers & Other Internet Marketers

Search engine optimizers focus entirely on SEO service, but normally work alongside specialists in other fields of internet marketing, such as bloggers and graphic advertisers.  Since SEO is only a single (however important) facet of the internet marketing system, they are usually employed by larger business promotion and advertising companies.

To learn more about search engine optimizers and the work they do, contact Robolizard.

Competition On The Online Market

Expanding your business onto the internet is a great way to bring in new customers.  Unfortunately, online markets have fierce competition for any product or service you could possibly imagine.  Getting your website ahead of other companies on a search engine list can almost instantly grant you record profits, if you are willing to fight for it.

Many businesses have discovered the benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get an edge on the competition and climb Google’s search result ladder.  It has been proven that the higher your company is on this ladder, the larger corner of your particular market you will enjoy.  SEO can provide that profit security in a way that no other form of advertising can.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

SEO has become an intricate art form in online marketing, and it is earning an ever-more impressive track record to returning real, tangible benefits to any company that invests in it – such as:

[custom_list style=”list-1″]

  • Increased Traffic – SEO has a proven history of increasing the number of potential customers that visit your site.  A professional SEO program can help ensure that you are reaching the widest online customer base possible.
  • Credibility – Google is a highly trusted source for customers seeking products and services for good reason.  Google raises the bar constantly to weed out scams and unscrupulous business practices.  The higher you rank on Google, the more comfortable people feel when clicking on your link.
  • Investment Return – While poorly done SEO work does not guarantee you will see much (if any) return on your investment, professional search engine optimizers can bring real results very quickly – this can go so far as doubling or tripling your investment in sales in only a few, short weeks.
  • Visibility – No matter what products or services your business offers, you will have competition on the internet.  SEO can benefit your company greatly by putting your company, quite literally, a step above the rest on the list of similar companies.
  • Permanency – For a very long time the only way to stay ahead in marketing was to pay for advertisements monthly.  But the benefits of SEO last long term.  And while it may require a little maintenance to stay #1 on the search engine list, even one round of SEO work will continue to benefit your company for years.
  • Relatively Low Cost – Many other online marketing techniques require you to pay for every advertisement, or even pay for every person that clicks on your link.  But a professional SEO program can create dozens or even hundreds of free advertisement sources that won’t disappear, even if you stop paying for them.[/custom_list]

All of this sounds a little too good to be true, right?  The fact of the matter is that SEO has, time and time again, proven itself to be a massively effective, economically priced way to create leads to your website, boost sales, and generate a great return on your investment.

Taking Full Advantage Of SEO’s Benefits

Before you ask if you can do your own SEO work, keep in mind that anyone can draw a happy face, but it took Da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa.  Likewise, SEO is a process that can be done by anyone, but requires education, specialized skills, and no small amount of talent to reach its full potential.

Luckily, one of the key selling points of SEO is its cost-effectiveness – especially when hiring a professional to do it for your company.  Better SEO equals better sales, and a professional SEO service can pay for itself with obvious results very quickly.

For more information on how SEO can benefit you, contact Robolizard today.

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Google’s Marketing Upheaval

When Google recently changed the way they rank business websites in their list of results it caused mass mayhem in the marketing world.  Companies raced to find out why they had fallen into obscurity when someone searched for similar businesses.  Confusion followed as people began to realize that doing their own SEO work was no longer something that could be done in their own offices.

Today, the top ranked business websites on Google are from companies that learned quickly that paying for SEO was well worth the expense, and they are enjoying profits well above their competition in the online market.

What You Can Expect With Professional SEO

Imagine for a moment that your company sells custom titanium jewelry.  If a potential customer types into Google’s search engine “what is titanium jewelry,” your company website is sure to come up… eventually.  Even if you have a great, professionally designed site, you may well come up as the 300th link on the search results list without SEO.

If you’re wondering what that means for your business, search engine traffic breaks down like this:

  • First business link = 50% of total traffic.
  • Second business link = 25% of traffic.
  • Third business link = about 12% of total traffic.

The list goes on and follows a pattern that leads exponentially closer to the 0% mark.  So obviously, every company dreams of having that first link on a search engine’s result page to bring in the most potential customers.

The reason that professionally trained SEO specialists are worth paying for is that they know the proven methods to get your website a higher ranking.  After paying for SEO work, your custom titanium jewelry company could well enjoy the coveted #1 spot on Google.

The True Value Of Paid SEO Work

You may have heard that paying for SEO is a risky investment that does not necessarily guarantee that you will see an increase of sales.  The truth of the matter is, the online market follows very predictable patterns, and as long as your business comes up on the first page of search results you will get an increase in traffic.

A good SEO company will fight tooth-and-nail to make sure that their clients enjoy the most elite position on a search engine list.  And a good SEO company is easy to find – just look at their track record.  If they have several companies that are now sitting pretty on the first page, they did the job well for them.

[message type=”success”]A professional and concerned optimizer will ensure that every customer not only earns back every penny of their investment, but doubles or even triples it.[/message]

If you’d like to know more about professional and proven SEO work, contact Robolizard today.

What SEO Really Is

SEO necessarily an advertising service in-and-of itself.  SEO is short for search engine optimization, which basically means the work of optimizing a website in order for it to look better in the “eyes” of search engines which in turn is rewarded with a higher position.  The fact of the matter is, very few people who search Google, Yahoo, or Bing look as far as the second page of results when they search a keyword, or even to the end of the first page.

Business websites that have any real, measurable traffic from search engine users are in constant competition to be the first three or four links of a search results page.  Search engine users demand convenience, and if your website doesn’t appear immediately, they don’t bother to keep looking. Instead, they just write a new set of keywords in the box and start from scratch, which is why SEO is important.

How SEO Works

SEO has two main components, on-site SEO and off-site SEO.  Google and other search engines rank a site based on these two factors.  The higher a website’s ranking is among other, similar pages determines how high it appears on the list of search results.

On-site SEO works by optimizing your website to meet the ever-changing criteria for search engine rankings.  The elements of onsite SEO are:

  • Behind the scenes – Several, behind-the-scenes, changes are typically made to help search engines better understand your website and make it easier for search engines to read your site such as a sitemap and robot.txt file.
  • Page titles that are relevant to its page content, informative and include targeted search terms while sounding fluid and helpful.
  • Meta tag descriptions are used by search engines to display on search engines listings for the purpose of describing the content of the page that’s being listed. The description should also be informative, include key terms, and clearly communicate what the page is about.
  • All content on the website must be original, well-written, and most importantly, valuable.  Customers are not necessarily interested in being told you are the best, they want your information to be informative, organic, and genuinely helpful.  Search engines expect nothing less.

These are just the basics of what makes on-site SEO work.  Real SEO takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to make it work properly for your website because it such an involved and complex system.

How Off-Site SEO Works

Since its founding, Google has mainly concerned itself with how often a website is referenced by other websites to determine its relevance or popularity.  Other search engines caught on to this process and adapted it to their own specifications, making it the go-to model for ranking a website worldwide.

The process has changed a bit over the years, but off-site SEO still works almost entirely by generating links to your site (backlinking) from other websites.  The types of links SEO uses are:

  • Inbound Links – These are links that other websites that have a good ranking with Google provides for your website.  The more inbound links, or backlinks, you have from other credible pages, the higher Google and other search engines will rank your own site.
  • Exchanged Links – Exchanged links are a common practice to create viable inbound links.  In this way, a webmaster will effectively put up a link to another site in exchange for the same courtesy.  While these two-way links still provide a boost to you website’s overall ranking, they aren’t quite as meaningful to search engines as a one-way inbound link.
  • Deep Links – So-called “deep links” are inbound links that bring a user directly to the inner content of your website, as opposed to the homepage.  Deep links are widely considered the most important aspect of SEO because it proves that your inner content is providing good, relevant information based on the fact that other websites are willing to cite your material.

Making SEO Work For Your Website

In order to make full use of SEO for your own site, you have to be able to employ both on-site SEO and off-site SEO.  Doing that takes a lot of time, effort, and a specialized set of skills that some people take years to learn.  As search engines continue to fine-tune their ranking process it is becoming more and more difficult for SEO work to be done by businesses and webmasters.

It is now a common practice to outsource SEO work to a professional service.  In this way, a company can take full advantage of the benefits that SEO can offer.  Getting to the top of a search result’s list is not an easy task, but professionals have access to techniques that are proven to work best.

To learn more about how a professional SEO service can help you reach the top, contact Robolizard.

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The Search Engine Marketing Revolution

For many years, getting your website to the top of Google’s list of results was as easy as hiding hundreds of repeated keywords in a webpage’s code – a technique that worked well for a very long time.  However, Google and other search engines have re-coded their algorithms to find and weed out these practices. They are also continuing to improve and change their algorithms, on a regular basis, to ensure only quality listings are being shown.

Getting the top link on Google now requires the complex and intricate art of providing website content that is well-written, relevant, and genuinely helpful to potential customers.  This art is called search engine optimization, or SEO – and it is the key to reaching the modern, electronic customer base.

Why SEO Is So Important In The Modern Business World

The internet is regularly used by millions of Americans, and statistics show that more than half of them shop online for products and services.  What’s more, Google has nearly replaced the traditional Yellow Pages as a way to find businesses in a potential customer’s local area.  Nowadays, if you want to be found, at least some of your marketing strategy must focus on the internet.

But that’s not all there is to it.  Showing up on Google is great, but if you’re not ranking on top you could be losing out on a significantly amount of traffic and may never even get seen:

  • The first link on Google gets about 50% of the online consumer traffic.
  • The second link gets about 25% of the clicks.
  • The third link generally gets about 12%.
  • The fourth link is lucky to get 6%.

See the pattern?  By the bottom of the first page of results, the last link can expect to reach less than 1% of people searching for similar businesses.  On the second or third page, so far as Google browsers are concerned, your website doesn’t even exist.

How To Employ SEO For Your Business

As mentioned before, SEO work is an art form that requires education, skill, and raw talent to implement successfully.  For this reason, businesses that try to save money by doing it themselves usually fail in the endeavor and turn to a specialized SEO company.

SEO has proven time and time again that it can boost sales and get your business noticed by online consumers, but trying to do it without the proper skills winds-up accomplishing nothing more than wasting time and money.  For the best results, it is always best to hire experts who know the intricacies of SEO and have experience (as well as a good track record) for helping businesses with their work.

Contact Robolizard today for more information.