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SEO Software & Web Tools Ultimate List

This is the complete and best-to-my-knowledge SEO software & tools list I have put together all in one place. It’s all the tools I use to rank, track and analyze.

Favorite Tools & Sites

PPC & SEO Free Tools

Website Ranking Analyzers

Random Other Stuff


How To Catch Blog Scams & Traffic Cheaters

Over the past decade I have seen a lot of scams, I had one client who made $4M a month and had signed up for so many blogging scams that I covered my whole first years contract fee ($80k) by finding them out through using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

How Exactly Do These Bloggers Scam People?

The most common way is to publish a major blog, such as a blog about fitness & health, that is filled with cheap content done by India or some other cheap source. It looks legit because it has hundreds or thousands of pages in it filled with content relating to health and fitness and the blog owner has either told you or show you how much traffic they get as a means to ‘sell’ you on advertising with them.

Some of these blogs are legitimate and worthwhile but most do not pan out.

The idea for the blog is to make money through advertisers. So the blog goes to fitness professionals, gyms and other health related big brand names, hoping to get these companies and individuals to pay for Ad space in their blog.

What You Need To Request From These Bloggers Before Advertising With Them

  • A live in-person showing of, or access to their Google Analytics account for a day (Screenshots can be faked)
  • A live in-person showing of, or access to their Google Webmaster account for a day (Screenshots can be faked)


Realistic Blog Advertising Statistics

What can you expect from advertising in someone else’s blog? Below are some industry average numbers (rule of thumb)…

  • Average Case = 1/1000 (Clicks/Impressions) – This means that for every ‘page view/session’ on the blog, you can expect 1 click
  • Worst Case = 1/100 (Leads & Sales/Clicks) – This means that for every 100 clicks to your site, you can expect 1 sale or lead.
  • Best Case = 5/100 (Leads & Sales/Clicks) – This means that for every 100 clicks to your site, you can expect 5 sales or leads.

Do the math, if someone tells you their blog gets 20,000 visitors a month, you can expect 20 clicks, at at best, 1 sale/lead.


Actual numbers depend on the type of blog, the industry, how educational the blog is and where the ad placement spots are. This is to give you a general idea, in case someone tries to sell you $500/month on Ad space for a blog that gets 2500 visitors per month.


Real Blog Scam Case Study

The inspiration for this article came from a client of mine who had someone sell him Ad space on a new (1.5month old) financial blog, boasting 2600 visitors a month and over 900 pages indexed by Google in that time. My client is two months into this already, so $1000 has been spent on advertising in the blog for 16 total clicks to my clients website. The numbers seemed too far above average to be true at all.  I love busting cheaters, so it got my feathers completely ruffled. I dug deeper.

  • I ran a keyword report and found the blog ranked for 9 keywords, which is nothing for 900+ pages
  • Over 90% of the site Google wasn’t even listing/indexing
  • He claimed 2600 visitors per month and Google analytics said 2600 visitors but Google Webmaster tools showed no search queries (means Google is telling us that his website is not getting any traffic from the Google search engine)

That’s odd. If he got 2600 visitors per month but none of it was from Google, where is it coming from? I checked Google analytics and it showed that 91% of the traffic was coming from an unknown source and going straight to the homepage, which I knew from experience meant he was buying traffic directly to his homepage in order to make it look like he was actually getting traffic, in order to be dishonest to get my client as a paid advertiser.

If he was even remotely intelligent about it, he would have not used ‘’ to get the traffic and instead used a premium fake traffic generation company that sends traffic to all the pages in the website to make it look legit with real IP addresses instead of an ‘unknown source’. Fool!

Even if this scammer had been generating intelligent fake traffic and fooled some professional company marketing managers or business owners…. you can always double check by making them show you the Google Webmaster Tools account, and looking at the ‘search queries’ & ‘indexed pages’ sections.

What His Webmaster & Analytics Traffic Looks Like

Below are some screenshots of what real traffic looks like and what his fake traffic looks like so you get an idea. I don’t have more time to make it fancier on the page, but you get the idea. I don’t want you to get cheated, and neither do you.

fake traffic what it looks like


Spotting a Fake Traffic Buyer

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake traffic buyer is to look at the homepage traffic. Natural homepage traffic is usually about 35% of the total traffic to a website, here 91% of the blog scammers traffic is to the homepage, which indicates a cheap paid robot program for like $5.00 for a two week ’80 visitors a day’ service.

Intelligent programs will deliver traffic that looks real, but that can be discovered by looking again and Google Webmaster Tools to verify real rankings.

how to spot fake traffic scams


Here are the statistics from my own website, you can see my blog is about 300 pages big and gets 87,000 impressions.
what real seo traffic webmaster tools example


Here is an example of a large scale blog I manage, this is the kind of blog worth paying $500/month for.
massive blog traffic example

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What It Takes To Be The World’s Best SEO Company

Robolizard has rocketed to the top of the industry for SEO in only a few short years because of it was founded on the philosophy of providing industry leading customer satisfaction and support. This singular focus has placed Robolizard firmly at the top of the list for SEO in Arizona, and the momentum continues as we reach for the title of being the best in the world, on Feb 1st, 2014 we are now #4 worldwide for ‘best seo company’.

But it takes more than making clients happy to be the world’s best SEO. Robolizard has created – and continues to fine tune – a formula to provide excellent search engine optimization, which includes: • Providing potential consumers the ability to easily access information and get answers to their questions from the leading search engines.

  • Exceeding search engines policies and expectations to place our clients’ names at the top of result pages.
  • Building the authority of our clients to make them the most trusted name in their industry.
  • Of course, since SEO is a highly competitive field, Robolizard can’t reveal all of our secrets.

But you can rest assured that with Robolizard in your corner you will see a measurable increase in website traffic, leads, and most importantly, sales.

The Future Of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a field that quickly changes. As search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo continue to adjust their parameters to ensure that they deliver the best experience to people using their services, companies who were ranked highly can quickly find themselves at the bottom of the list.

This can happen literally overnight, instantly crippling a business’s marketability.

Robolizard is committed to staying on top of the changing trends in search engine parameters so that we can always provide the high ranking internet pages.

Unlike some SEO companies, Robolizard avoids the cheap tricks and exploits to get our clients a high ranking, instead we use methods and practices that achieve long term value and we only take on clients that know the value of long term investments.

Robolizard’s true and honest SEO remains at the top of search engine results longer than others not only because of these reasons, but because we strive to offer the best, most informative articles on the internet. And whatever the future brings, you can be sure that we will be blazing the way.

Learn More From The World’s Best SEO Company

Contact Robolizard today to learn more about the marketing and SEO strategies that has made Robolizard the world’s best SEO company.

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2013 Online Buying Decision Process

Hear About It

        • Radio
        • TV
        • Newspaper
        • Newsletter
        • Mail
        • Researching Related Things

Learn About It

        • What is it
        • What does it do
        • What are the common questions, side effects & myths
        • Thinks they should try it

Read Reviews

        • If other people did it
        • If other people said it was good

Buy It

        • Then I’m trying it


Staying with people in this buying decision process throughout these few steps will keep you an industry leader in your field and maximize the amount of sales possible from online advertising.

Biggest Fear – Reviews

Why you should have reviews on the site

      • The Main Reason: If people are going to complain, they are going to complain at the most convenient opportunity. On-site reviews gives these customers an outlet for complaining that you can control. Not having reviews on the site, forces disgruntled customers to seek 3rd party review sites in order to vent, which you usually cannot control.
      • It’s Good For SEO: On-site reviews allows the customers to actually work for you! The reviews act as original content, which helps the page be more original and keyword rich for Google search results.
      • It Builds Trust: Seeing that other people liked it or used it supports the buying decision
      • End of The Buying Decision: By the time people get to reviews, they have already decided they want something, they’re just looking for a second opinion now.

Like astrology, since people only want to see what they are think themselves… people are only going to focus on the positive reviews that match the decision they have already made. 2 bad reviews out of 5 aren’t going to hurt.

The Best SEO Newsletters Online

The world of SEO is changing fast is changing often, which means knowing the right or best thing to do is tricky if you don’t keep up to date. What someone else knew 6 months ago is probably 50% less effective than what you know right now, if you stay on top of the SEO news.


Below are the best online SEO newsletters that exist. Read them, follow them, be a leader in the industry by reading and following them every morning. – Best Advertising E-Commerce Newsletter – This guy is a genius – excellent newsletter – this is outstanding – awesome news, very up to date – a must – surprisingly good – one of the nations best bloggers Ian Laurie, I love this guy – sometimes outdated on information and they inject humor into their posts which isn’t funny, worthwhile sometimes.

Subscribe to all of these, make a folder in your email called SEO/PPC Newsletters, filter all these to go straight into it and read through it every morning for new information, reading every article you see.

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Robolizard at Salt Rivier Fields Baseball Game

robolizard event

We were able to get a booth at the Salt River Fields Baseball Stadium in Scottsdale along with the Arizona Small Business Professionals Assosiation on Thursday, Nov. 9th.

The rain scared away a lot of people but we were able to almost empty our candy bowl to passing people, so that was fun 🙂


Boys & Girls Club of Scottsdale, AZ

We were able to donate 15 tickets to the Boys & Girls Club of Arizona so that 15 kids could come and watch the game.


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Robolizard Just Became #1 For Arizona SEO

Search engine optimization is a tough business, and there is nothing tougher than getting and SEO company ranked because the competition, most of it, knows what they are doing.

Today, Robolizard just achieved the top ranking for the phrase “Arizona SEO”

Go us!


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The Psychology of Sales Using Images

A common mistake in advertising is to use imagery that appeals to the crowd that you are advertising to. But we should be using imagery that appeals to the crowds dream, images that appeal to what they aspire to be.

Selling With Imagery, Example 1: Back Pain Medication

A man with a hurting back is less appealingAn ad of a guy in pain holding his back

A happy person is more appealing when sales are concernedAn ad of a guy jumping into the air in freedom from back pain

B is going to get better results in sales

Psychologically people are more likely to convert into sales when the image of a happy person jumping into freedom from back pain is implanted into their head.

Selling With Imagery, Example 2: Testosterone Clinic

Pictures of old guys playing golf & a doctors office and picture of the doctor

Middle aged happy, healthy strong cute couple hiking and having fun

B is going to get better results in sales

Because we are appealing to what people are aspiring to be, a happy healthy man who feels like a strong younger man who can love life again. Visitors aren’t coming into the site to improve their golf game and a picture of a doctors office isn’t appealing in any way at all

Appealing To a Person’s Self Image in Sales

A person’s self-image is the dominant view they have of themselves; materially, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.  Appeal to emotions, dreams, aspirations and the end result, not bland, meaningless places, objects or discomfort.

Inspire People

A skate boarder isn’t inspired from looking at another skateboarder. He is inspired by Tony Hawk and the high class skateboarding lifestyle that he hopes to one day achieve. He is inspired by another skateboarder doing an awesome trick that he hasn’t mastered yet.

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Google Now Shows Your Indexed Pages

Using Google Webmaster Tools, you can now see how many pages of your site are actually indexed by Google search engines.  This is helpful in determining the payout of SEO efforts and other reasons.

You can find it here:


And here is an example of a domain’s index status. As you can see, some major changes done to the SEO of the site affected the number of pages that were indexed in May of 2012 dramatically.

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