Becoming a Google Engage All Star Partner

What is the Google Partner program?

Google All Star Partners is a program Google put together as a community website for high qualified, established and proven Adwords companies to come together to support each other in delivering quality results for our customers.

Their main goal is to help us get new customers for Adwords but most importantly to deliver interesting, educational and inspirational content, service & products to the world.

How Do I Become a Member?

You must have these qualifications…

1. Your My Client Center (MCC) account number must be attached to the Engage Account using the same email address for both the MCC and Engage and entering your MCC account number at

2. You must be Adwords Certified, by passing two of the 3 exams

  • Advertising Fundamentals – Easy (3 hours, timed, no open windows allowed)
  • Advanced Search – Easy (2 hours, timed, no open windows allowed)
  • Advanced Display – Medium
  • Video Advertising – Medium

• The exams are located in your new account

3. You must have spent at least $10,000 from the combined total of all your client accounts in Adwords MCC over the past 90 days

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