How Starting Quality Score is Determined

The starting quality score for keywords is based on the national average QS score for that particular keyword (across all Google customer accounts).  After 48 hours of being live, the quality score starts to develop based on your own Ad and landing page.

I have tested this to be sure.

I took a custom wooden door maker and put him live with a perfect Ad and perfect landing page… the starting QS scores for 12 keywords were 7′s and 6′s.

I then took the same keywords for the door maker and placed them in a new campaign, only I swapped out the ad and landing page with erectile dysfunction information. Lo’ and behold, the QS scores were exactly the same (7′s and 6′s) for the first 3 days.

Conclusion: You have no control over the starting quality score, it takes about 3 days to get a real score based on your Ad/Landing Page.

What is the #1 determining factor in getting a high QS score?

Get your click through rate up.

Note: CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) is the #1 deciding factor in quality score. In every test comparison I have done, the account with the highest CTR has always had a higher QS score.

Put simply, Google rewards people who make them money.

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