Advanced SEO Blogging Guide

How to blog in order to educate visitors, build trust and inspire action for sales. Once you get good at it, each blog post takes about 15 minutes.

Blog Research Overview

  1. Sign up for every news feed and newsletter related to the industry
    1. Yahoo Answers –
    2. Linked-in – Join related groups –
    3. Google Trends –
    4. Google News –




iv.      etc..

  1. Each day, research & pick a topic of interest and re-write the article into our own blog
  2. Research keywords regarding the topic –
  3. Writing The Blog Article & Heading

    1. Write the blog post using the instructions below and insert your researched keywords into the post
    2. Include buying decision keywords such as reviews, review, sale, for sale, buy, order, purchase, buying, online, where to buy, how to buy and the location keywords
    3. Include adjectives and power words such as strong, super, mega, finest, quality, premium, strongest, powerful, almighty, maximum strength, awesome, good, great, fast acting, effective, fortified, enhanced, powerhouse, amazing, new etc…
    4. In the content for the page itself, make one or two links (per 150 words) from keywords pertaining to the benefit of the product or the sale of the product or service
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