How Remarketing Rocks – See Real Statistics

What makes remarketing so effective? It targets only the people who directly have an interest in your service, and follows them around while they think about which company to use, which impacts their mind with your brand or service, increasing the chance they come back. 95% of all visitors don’t buy, on average; remarketing has been known to increase the recapture rate of visitors by up to 30%!

remarketing statistics overview


  • The real number of sales is 782 + 152 = 934
  • The real conversion rate is 934 sales divided by 2,521 clicks, or a 37% conversion rate
  • It is costing about $2.86 to get each sale


More Than Just Remarketing Sales

  • There is also the branding value of the remarketing, these particular banner ads have shown over 1 million times to the remarketing list of over 100,000 people.
  • So over 100,000 people who have expressed an interest are currently seeing the ads around the net as they browse.
  • A 37% conversion rate is amazing.

Guess what? It could be better. The website could benefit from a higher conversion rate by installing a number of graphical and layout factors. What does it look like? See an example of where remarketing ads appear

remarketing image examples