Foursquare Promotion

With Foursquare, when your customers check in, everyone wins.

Foursquare is a location sharing service that lets users “Check In” to their favorite local businesses (the person who checks in the most often gets the title of “Mayor”). By promoting a sense of both community and competition, Foursquare gets your customers to advertise for you by letting their friends know every time they visit your establishment in North Scottsdale or anywhere else in the valley. Our local social networking experts help drive business by setting up promotions on Foursquare that keep your customers checking in.

Identify your most loyal customers and promote word of mouth

Foursquare helps you to identify and visibly reward your most loyal customers, thus potentially driving not only word of mouth advertising, but competition to be your best client. Let Robolizard manage your Foursquare campaign and bring out the best in your customers.

Ready to check into the best new way to drive business? Contact us today to get started, or for any questions.

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